Not Another SF Housing Blog, God Why

Who are you?

A bunch of kids from the Bay Area, inland California, and beyond with a blog and a dream. We’re a quorum of different income levels, races, genders, sexualities, political affiliations and liquor preferences.

Why are you starting another housing blog in SF?

Believe it or not, there are still perspectives on Bay Area housing that still don’t have a forum! Much of the housing debate is characterized as new residents vs. old residents, tech vs. every other sector, YIMBYs vs. NIMBYs, wonks vs. community activists, etc. We think this approach is reductive. Right now you can look at the author of a housing piece in the Bay Area and figure out who they voted for and probably which Planning Commission meeting they’re talking at right now. We’re here to add some shades of gray to that dynamic.

Are you “YIMBYs” or “NIMBYs”?

Neither. Neither! Neither. While there are “YIMBY” organizations in the Bay they do encompass a pretty diverse range of perspectives on housing, as do progressives advocating for affordable housing on different grounds who often get pigeonholed as “NIMBYs” in return. Hence our policy of using air quotes for these terms. Some of us are newcomers, some are cradle-to-grave San Franciscans and East Baysiders, some are veterans of Bay politics, and some of us even work in tech.

How snarky is this blog gonna be?

We are pretty snarky folks. However, we have found the housing debate here to be increasingly overwhelmed by snark, sass, and general condescension, so we’re going to do our best to leave the chutzpah at the door here and stick to dad puns.


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